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This story is prephaps the longest i am going to write.
As a tribute to my favourite pokemon(s) epscially Eevee.
The story takes place in a remote village of TwinLeaf where everyone is happy and peaceful completely unaffected by the outside world.

Chapter 1:The new born orphan

The starry skies of the night is covered by sinster dark storm clouds and it started to rain heavily. A pokemon named Pikachu in his house was shutting the windows to stop the rain from flooding his home. Pikachu was a lonely pokemon. He had hardly friends and he is only 5 years old and his parents passed away.
  "This storm might flood the town by tomorrow..." said Pikachu to himself. As the storm goes by it gets heavier and there are flashes of lightning and sound of thunder. It was approaching Midnight and Pikachu woke up for a Midnight snack.
He took out an apple and began eating it. Two mysterious pokemon are outside pikachu's house and they set down a basket and knocked on the door and ran off.
Pikachu heard the knock and anwsered the door, finding a basket on the doorstep.
  "Hello? whats this?" said Pikachu and he took the basket inside to have a look.
He took off the cloth covering the rim of the basket to find a brown egg with zig-zag vanilla pattern in the middle and a note.

Dear Stranger:
  We are unable keep this egg due to personal reasons. I beg of you to take care of our little egg. We might not come back and reclaim it due to personal reasons so please do us this favour

Love, The Egg's Parents.

  "Awww..." said Pikachu after reading the note. He sat down on the chair next the table that the basket is on and began stroking the egg.
  "Sorry little fella your parents abandoned you but i will take care of you." said Pikachu and afterward he went back to sleep.The next day, Pikachu covered up the egg with the cloth again and took it outside of the house. Pikachu went to some of people he knew to ask whether if they know how to take care of an newborn pokemon.
  "Well Pikachu... i believe they need Milk." said Riolu, the son of the General Store keeper.
  "I think you must ask the Daycare Centre." said Vulpix.
  "Thanks a lot" said Pikachu. Pikachu headed to the daycare centre and talked to Clefairy about taking care of newborns.
  "This is a surprise indeed Pikachu." said Clefairy. "Why the sudden interest? Only pokemon that asked me for these kind of information is Chansey."
  Pikachu sighed and show Clefairy the Brown egg with a Vanilla Pattern in the middle.
  "PIKACHU!!!" exclaimed Clefairy. "You are married?!"
  "No Clefairy... I am not married," explained Pikachu. " This Egg was left at my doorstep yesterday its parents abandoned it."
  "Oh i see," said Clefairy."I think that Egg is an Eevee Egg..."
  "Whats a Eevee?" asked Pikachu.
  "Eevee..." said Clefairy, searching for a picture card. "Here we go! Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon. A rare pokemon that adapts to harsh environment by taking up different evolutionary forms." Pikachu took a look at the photo.
  "Wow a Rare pokemon?" said Pikachu.
  "Eevees are near extinticton mostly because they evolve too easily and now left a few." explained Clefairy. Pikachu returned home after buying a few bottles of milk and apples.The Egg was shaking violently.Pikachu quickly set down the basket on the table and took away the cloth. The Egg was glowing and it cracked open. It was Pikachu's first look at The Mircale Of Life.The Egg Shells vapourized and a small baby Eevee appeared.
  "Eee" said the young Eevee.
  "I knew i need to go bathe..." said Pikachu.
  "Eee?" replied Eevee.Pikachu took a close look at the Eevee. Its a regular Eevee but smaller due to age.
  "I wonder if its a male or female." said Pikachu.
  "Eee?" replied Eevee.Pikachu took the basket with eevee in it and went to the pokemon general hospital.
  "Good Evening Pikachu!" said a Chansey. "What can we do for you?"
  "I need to verify the gender of this newborn." said Pikachu.
  "Huh? All newborns that are born in this hospital are automatically verified why is this one not verified." said Chansey.Pikachu explained the situation.
  "Thats why i need to verify Eevee here." said Pikachu.
  "Ok then just take a number and wait at the waiting room." said Chansey.Pikachu took a number 921 and the current number is 919 so he did have to wait long.He sat down and took another look at Eevee.
  "Huh? Whats this thing?" said Pikachu, notice a hidden compartment to the basket.He took a look and it was a necklance with a treble cleff symbol.
  "This must be yours ,Eevee." said pikachu.
  "Eee!" replied Eevee.
  "Number 921 please head to office 19 and meet Milotic the nurse." said a voice from the speakers.
  "Thats us Eevee!" said Pikachu.Eevee gave him a lick as Pikachu got up.
  "Hello Pikachu. I am Milotic" said Milotic. "So you need to verify this newborn."
  "Okay do you have any thing from the real parents of this little cutie?" asked Milotic.
  " i think i had all of them here." said Pikachu. He took out the Note, Necklance and the basket
  "Erm May i ask whats that at the side of the basket?" asked Milotic.
  "Oh i did not notice it." said Pikachu and he took it out and it is a letter for birth verification. "I think this is for you."
  "Ok All the Infomation for this little cutie's verification is here." said Milotic.
After a few minutes, Milotic gave Pikachu Eevee's Birth Cerficate, Identity Card and a Passport.
  "Thank you Milotic." said Pikachu."We best get going."
  "You know Pikachu... you changed a lot" said Milotic. "See you next time."
  "Pika...Eee?" said Eevee.
  "Thats Right Eevee. My name is..." said pikachu."Wait did you just say Pika?"
  "Pika!...Eee!" said Eevee
  "Oh you make me proud!" said Pikachu as Eevee is playing on the basket.Pikachu reached back to their house and Pikachu adjusted the necklance and gave it Eevee.Pikachu placed the important documents inside the chest.After being given some milk, Eevee fell asleep in Pikachu's old cot he used when he was a baby.
  "I must get Eevee into the Daycare..." said pikachu to himself."I cannot look after him when i am still in school..."
Orphan Eevee's Story...
Pikachu found Eevee outside his house and started preparing for his early years of taking care of a newborn.
Eevee brought about great change in pikachu
and pikachu thinking of whats best for Eevee is going to enroll Eevee into a daycare as he attend school.
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